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Who we are. Our values and what we stand for. Our mission and vision.

"It's impossible!" they said. Then airplanes were invented,

hearts were transplanted and clones were born.

It's fascinating how the human mind is able to defy odds and

create whatever it imagines!

In the same way, our enthusiastic team at Zero Way Japan

has imagined a world without trash - a sustainable, circular

economy. A world where we don't have to sacrifice comfort

for the sake of protecting the environment or the future of our children. A planet where humans and nature are in symbiosis and not in a constant war. A world where businesses value more than their bottom line, they strive for social, collective and environmental value. We help create human value.

Our products and services are tools created with gratefulness for the local and global resources, with respect for the beauty of nature, and ultimately with love for humans and animals. When you work with us or buy from us, you don't just get efficiency, utility and good design, you buy peace of mind. You offer a family their daily bread, offer shoes for a needy mother, education for a poor child, you plant trees, you keep plastic from ending up in the oceans, you save an animal's life. And more than anything... you get love in return.

Our company's mission is to make the world a better place. To show how business is supposed to be conducted like. We calculate our profit by the number of 'thank you's we receive, by the numbers of hi5s we get from strangers, by the number of lives we save, by the chances we give to others less privileged.

We are fully transparent, so you can see exactly where our products come from and how they are disposed. You can see how we conduct business, how services benefit the whole supply chain and beyond - the whole world. Our company strives to be zero waste, ethical, sustainable. We promote diversity, equality, equity and support single mothers, people with disabilities, refugees, LGBT+ members, people with mental disorders and any other minority you can think of!


Every day we live and work for all living things, with love. But we can't do it alone. We need your love, too, to contribute to the greater good. Together!

So, are you ready to join our team and become a "Zero Hero"?

Founder and CEO:

Bianca Yamaguchi


2010 - University of Psychology BA

2011~2012 - Toyota MC Japan research student
2012 - Romanian-American University MBA

2012~2017 - business consultant @ Japan Creative Enterprise Tokyo

2017 - Zero Waste Japan group founder

2018 - Sustainability Science Course @ Tokyo Gakuin

2018 - Circular Economy Course @ TU Delft

2019 - SDGs Course @ SDG Academy

2019~ Zero Way social business founder & CEO 

2020 - MyLegacy store Kobe, Japan (closed due to Covid19)
2020~ Harvard Extension School - Global Development

           Practice Masters (Year of 2022)

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