The 30 Day Challenge

If you haven't decided whether The Zero Way Lifestyle is for you or not, then how about trying this 30 day trial.

It takes just 15 minutes a day, so you can adapt the challenge to your own pace. You can do a challenge a day, or more if you enjoy it. But as it seems, it takes about a month to acquire a new habit, so even if you finish it fast, remember you have to get used to the new changes.

If you get stuck, bored, forget or lose motivation, you can always go online and connect with this wonderful community we have created on Facebook: [Click here]

Any questions? Check the FAQ or contact us at:

Lastly, don't forget to have fun and enjoy the challenge! <3

About Us

We are the zero way heroes, the "crazy ones, the rebels, the misfits", who decided to respectfully show the middle finger to the status quo, and go out and change the world instead. The first team of millennials to pave the way to a new era. A "Zero Way Era"

Find out who, where and why it all started and how you can join the best community in the world (say we).


About The Zero Way

The Ten Principles of the Zero Way will set you free. See how your life automatically improves before your very eyes only by internalizing these principles.

You don’t even have to respect these rules, once you learn about them, they will stick to you like plant-based glue :) Once you see them, you can't unsee them.

Camp-fire Campaign

For all those who love what we’re doing and feel like they want to give something back, they can do so on the Campfire platform for Japan and Patreon for the rest of this amazing world we all live in. The returns are fun, creative and support the artists that made them.

Youtube Channel

We are transparent. Also completely insane. We can’t wait to show you what other crazy ideas we had and what other stupid things we tried next :)
We travel the world to bring you the most creative sustainable products, ethical practices and "zero way ideas" we can find. 


Every fun, interesting, creative, mesmerizing piece of information we find, we write it down for the world to see and love.

All my daily "zero wins", tips, life hacks, product reviews and more.

Online Store

Purchase not just a product, but also hope, love and confidence for you and for someone else in the world. Our products make you a superhero, wether you want it or not ;)

We travel the world in pursuit of the perfectly sustainable, ethical and fair trade product we can find.

Offline Store Locator

About the "Zero Way Badge" and how it works.

Find out how many zero way corners have we set up so far [Store locator].

Vegan Van

Another way for us to give back to the community is by having our trusty vegan vans spread the zero way love around the city. 
If you see is, don't hesitate to give us a wave and visit us! We're always up for a nice and friendly conversation.

Product Development

What new, creative, disrupting products are we creating next? Don’t be afraid to speak your mind if you have an idea to share or an unmet need.

We try to make the impossible possible.

On Campus Workshops

Students are the next generation of people who will change the world. We don’t see them as future “customers” or “consumers”.

We see a person. A heart. We see desire, hope for a brighter, more sustainable future.

We know students can change the world. We make them heroes. Because we care.

Local Workshops

We hold local workshops regularly, showing how we practice "the zero way" using local resources and know-how.

We connect people who have similar values.

We care for - and take care of - our community.

Corporate Workshops

We don't want to be considered competitors.

We are very serious about helping companies become more sustainable so we do corporate workshops regularly, showing how we do business the zero way.

We connect people and companies who feel the same way.

Events & Artist Management

We support artists who challenge the status quo, who are engaged and engaging and who love being zero way heroes.

“Flash Mobbing” is our trademark activity :) so always be prepared to get a complimentary hug if we see you holding a zero way product on the street.

Molkishia Land

A city just for the ethical ones. The sustainable ones. The crazy ones who believe that doing good for the greater good… is good :)

We gather all the know-how of all the off-grid and intentional communities, to make our own little community.

The Church of Love

No, no, we're not some dubious sect. This space is just for the spiritual ones who understand the need an update of all the religions in the world to fit the needs of our current culture. It's a safe place to reconsider our beliefs and our faith in the ultimate power - Love.

Mobile Apps

We know you don't need another app, but why not try anyway...?

Any ideas, recommendations, advice? Click below to hear from you.

Other Social Media

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DAY #4


DAY #7

Mail Boxes

DAY #10

Hanging Laundry

DAY #13

White Vegetable Composition

DAY #16

Window Insulation

DAY #19

Sleeping Siblings

DAY #22


DAY #25


DAY #28

DAY #31

DAY #34

Zero Waste Bathroom

DAY #2

Minimal Office

DAY #5


DAY #8

Hair Wash

DAY #11


DAY #14

Spices in Jars

DAY #17


DAY #20

dogs in sweater

DAY #23

Domestic Waste Bin

DAY #26

Shopping Basket

DAY #29

DAY #32

DAY #35

Life Etc. Tote Bag

DAY #3

Girl Enjoying her Drink

DAY #6


DAY #9

Fashion Addict

DAY #12

Zucchini Rolls

DAY #15

furoshiki bag.jpeg

DAY #18

Bicycle Shop

DAY #21

City Street

DAY #24

Office with a View

DAY #27

Healthy Salad

DAY #30

DAY #33


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