Day 4 - MyBottle

Today I will talk about:

1) The next Zero Way Tool - your bottle, I mean MyBottle :)

Let's jump right to it:

Yesterday we prepared your MyBag for shopping and asked you to find a place to put it, preferable on the door knob. We also talked about  Today we will talk about habits and journaling.

Today we will prepare one more thing to put in your MyBag before you go out the door: MyBottle.

As the name suggests, the MyBottle is a water bottle, preferable a thermos, and definitely not a plastic one. Having one around the house and using that is one idea, but I really don't encourage using plastic bottles unless you know for sure it is BPA free.

The best materials for your MyBottle should be:

-- 100% stainless steel

-- Might contain silicon bands or bamboo caps, but definitely NO plastic caps.

-- Glass bottle inside a thick cover, like in the picture below (though a bit dangerous and/or messy if it breaks)

If you don't already have one, you can scan your local interior or outdoor shops to see if they have some or you could order online. You could, however, but directly from us, thus supporting our cause (no pressure there)


Once you have your bottle, the next thing you need to remember is to fill it and put it in your bag.

Again, you need to tap into the newly acquired information about habits.
Aka, you need to link the filling of the water bottle with another existing habit.

Like for example, every time you get ready to get out the door I am sure you go over your little list in your head. For example: "phone, wallet, keys, mybag...". Then just add one more thing to that list. 

"Phone, wallet, keys, mybag, mybottle, [insert important thing], Ok, go!"

Now, did you write in your diary yesterday?

What are you going to write today? What any new ideas have occurred to you?

How do you feel?












Things to watch out for:

-- The bottles might gather a black/navy bluish goowey stuff on the bottom or on the cap. That is mold. And it's perfectly normal. Mold is not deadly so don't freak out. However, it does represent an issue for health if exposed to it for a long period of time, so make sure you wash the bottle thoroughly from time to time (at least once a week) with a "sponge-on-a-stick" as I call it or a bottle brush. Especially if it's your child's bottle!

-- For coffee, I recommend a stainless steel tumbler (with a stainless/silicon straw) separate from the MyBottle, because well, a) coffee stains your teeth, b) if you drink too much of it, it will affect your health and c) The MyBottle is meant to be used for hydration during the day or outing and not for coffee. Otherwise you'll end up buying a PET bottle or drink from a single-use cup. I'm sorry I'm not trying to act like your mom or doctor! I'm just looking out for you, as you're new to this, but you know yourself and your needs better than anyone else!

-- You might forget your bottle on a bench, at work or at a restaurant. So it's great if you could stick a waterproof sticker on it's bottom with your given name (only) and e-mail address. Don't write vital personal information like your full name, your home address or phone number.

You can use your MyBottle as a great ice-breaker. You can use it to communicate something about you, like your own company's logo/website, your favorite band, your hobby or even write a funny joke or "Single, but not single-use". You know what I mean :) 


Some people have even made an art from painting bottles. Here's a few beautiful one's I've picked up to give you an image on how you can personalize your own bottle so that it fits your personality more.











Great! Did you write in your next adventure in your To Do List?












Think Cycles. Feel Good. Choose Wise. Act Bold. Aim Big. Believe.

Rinse. Repeat.

Day 4

a) Today's Daily Challenge:

My Bottle

b) Today's Zero Way Win:

I  bought a shiny new  thermos!

c) Grateful for  clean water.

d)   Ideas: what if my bottle

had a silly face on it? :)

e) I  feel... poor! That

bottle   was expensive :o

But   totally worth it!

To Do List

◽︎ Buy a stainless steel bottle

◽︎ Personalize said bottle :)

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