Day 4 - Towels. Toilet Paper. Handkerchiefs

How are the previous challenges going? Did you buy your own bag yet? Or made one? Are you having fun? 

Keep going at it, even if you forget one day, just keep it up. The rewards are awesome.

Today I will talk about:


1) Towels.

2) Toilet paper.

3) Handkerchiefs.


Let's start with...


1) Towels. They will replace every piece of single-use paper in your house (except for the toilet paper... maybe).

Look around your house. Where do you have and especially where do you use paper towels the most? In the kitchen for sure. In the dining room no doubt. Maybe in the living room, in case of an unpredictable sneeze, perhaps a clumsy moment? How about the toilet? Do you use paper towels to wipe dust, clean the surfaces of your counter, tables, desk? etc.

Through what amount of paper towels do you go on a monthly basis? Well, it's high time we give up paper towels for their older, more experienced cousin: the cloth towels.

While I admit, paper towels are faster and more convenient that cloth towels, the amount of trees one has to cut to make them, the amount of toxins the companies release in the atmosphere, soil and water, the amount of coal is burnt to make them, and not to mention!!! the amount of trash paper towels create...... tell me... is it worth it? Is your sneeze worth you and your family's health and the entire planetary biosphere's well-being? If the answer is yes, well... you're wasting your time reading this.

But I know you are a respectable person, I know you are a good citizen, I know your heart is bigger than you want to admit to yourself or anyone. I know you care. So, here's the solution, you know it already, plain and simple: cloth towels.

The ingenuity behind them is that you can use them for a long time and when you throw them away there is less guilt, more pride, you leave behind a healthier planet.

You can find joy in organizing your towels.

You can sort them by color for each room of the house, or each role. You can sort them by family members, or even for each day, too. What can be more endearing than seeing a rack with all your family members' towels on the dining room table? The realization that you have a happy family who gathers each night at the dinner table? The pride of a parent, a partner, a friend who lives with you, or even your pet...... instead of a lifeless box of the same old tissues that are ceremoniously thrown away after every wipe, no matter how small.

One can never have enough towels, so it's easy for family and friends to offer them as clever, creative gifts. GIve grandma an idea on what to give her grandkids. And encourage kids to keep clean, too.

The only downside? More laundry. But if you ask me, the huuuge number of benefits is so big, much bigger than an extra load of laundry every month. If you're clever and use The Zero Way, you don't even have to fold them, just hang them around the house and they will not only dry by themselves, but they will also keep the humidity in the house at an optimum level for the health of your family, as bonus.


One advice? Don't wash the house cleaning towels along with the bath and face towels. Wash them separately. One day they will release that stationary bike that doubles as a washing machine. Can't wait!




Next is...


2) Toilet paper. No, no, I'm not going to say "try the family cloth". Although, feel free to try it out, if you're brave enough, or if you're hippie enough. However, there is a great alternative to the bleached, scented, plastic packaged toilet paper that ends too soon.


And that is:

The 100% recycled toilet paper, unbleached, individually wrapped in recycled paper.

Also, research has showed that people tend to use less paper when it comes in really thin layers, even though it only appears to use more. So toilet paper that is around 100m is preferable to the 20, 30, even 60m ones.


"Who Gives a Crap" is a company who... gets it. And gives it. Zero Way supports this company wholeheartedly because they not only understand the need for environmentally friendly products, but also the other parts of a business - social responsibility. They donate 50% (I'm not shitting you!!! fifty.per.cent!) of their revenue to charity!!!

Companies like these warm my heart. And my bum for that matter.

But since they only operate in Australia, USA and the UK, you can search for similar brands in your country/area. Usually you can find 100% recycled unbleached toilet paper almost anywhere.

Lastly, let me talk to you about:

3) Handkerchiefs. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, even for those stuffed winter days of horror when your whole body releases liquids for no reason, there is a hygienic alternative:​

The hankie-book.

Yes, it's like a book, but with pages made of handkerchiefs sewed together. It's the best alternative to tissues you can get. Don't underestimate their power! You'll be surprised and almost excited to catch a cold next time so you can take them out and brag about your "zeroin' ways" and your cute new clever handkerchief. Everybody loves a conversation about clever life hacks, right?


So how's it going so far? Feeling inspired? You have 3 more items on the Wishlist today. Whoa, that's a lot of things to buy! But it's ok, they're not expensive at all. And they're so accessible, it doesn't require more effort than usual. Just put them on the next shopping list and I promise there won't be a butterfly in your wallet when you finish this 30 day challenge!

How will your diary look today?

Did you get any new ideas? Feeling good about yourself yet?



























Well, see you tomorrow! And don't forget:

Think Cycles. Feel Good. Choose Wise. Act Bold. Aim Big. Believe.

Rinse. Repeat.

Day 4

a) Today's Daily Challenge:

Towels vs. Paper

b) Today's Zero Way Win:

Bought a shit-load of toilet paper :)) pun intended.

c)   Ideas: tell my coworkers

about "who gives a crap"

I  feel... clean!

To Do List

◽︎ Buy a shit-load of recycled toilet-paper

◽︎ Buy many towels

◽︎ DYI a hanky-book

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How to make your own DIY purse from old magazines

How to make your own shopping bag hook

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