Day 3 - MyBag

Feeling inspired? Me, too. We've already talked about journaling and habits. Today let's do something more practical.


Today I will talk about:

How to prepare the first Zero Way Tool: the MyBag

Tomorrow: How to acquire new habits (and stick to them)

        *no, I'm not going to say Zournal and Zools, that would be silly :)


Let's jump right to it:

The first Zero Way Tool you can prepare for your upcoming journey is probably one of the most easiest:

    The Shopping Bag!

In Japan it is generically called "MyBag". You most certainly have one

(or more) lying around the house. Take that bag, fill it it with 2 or 3 more

plastic bags that you have in that magical drawer of yours. Now go put

your keys and/or wallet in it and hang it on the doorknob. Do it NOW,

not tomorrow, not later, not when you go to the toilet :) 

The gesture of putting important things in the bag(along with smaller

bags) on the doorknob is a bulletproof method of not forgetting your

MyBag. However, when you come back home, don't forget to put it

back on the doorknob when you finish unpacking.

                                                      Things to be careful:

                                                      -- A family member (or you?) might find this habit odd or rather

                                                      unpleasant. Don't forget to tell them about it.

                                                      If you or they don't like this idea, just think of another crucial thing you

                                                      do when you get out the door and put it in the way.

                                                      Example: over the shoes.

                                                      -- Don't leave without taking the bag without the keys/wallet in it!                                                                            Especially if you have auto-lock!

                                                      -- Your pets might find it fun to mess with it, especially cats or dogs who

                                                      like to scratch the door.


If you don't have a bag around the house or want a funky upgrade to keep you motivated, see what others have bought/made by themselves. The internet is full of them, you'll be surprised at people's creativity!

Are you ready to write in the journal?

As I leave you in the hopes that you'll be back tomorrow, don't forget to:

Think Cycles. Feel Good. Choose Wise. Act Bold. Aim Big. Believe.

Rinse. Repeat.

Day 3

a) Today's Daily Challenge:

My Bag

b) Today's Zero Way Win:

I  made my own bag from old jeans and it looks awesomeeee

c)   Grateful for  these jeans that have kept me warm for  5 years.

d) Ideas: make  more and

give    to friends  ;)

e) I  feel...  proud!

To Do List

◽︎ Buy a few reusable shopping bags from an online thrift store

◽︎ Make a 'MyBag' from that old T-shirt that I just couldn't throw away!

To Do List

How to make your own DIY Tote Bag

How to make your own DIY purse from old magazines

How to make your own shopping bag hook

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