Day 8 - Fair Trade Certification

How are you today? Feeling a good vibe yet? Feeling like you're gradually becoming a superhero? Because I am! Yesterday we talked about coffee and I mentioned fair-trade, so...

Today I will talk about:


Fair trade and other ethical certifications

The surest way you can save the world is to learn more about the certifications that enable companies to communicate their awesomeness to the customers. Certifications like "JAS" for organic products in Japan (USDA organic for USA), "Rainforest Alliance" or "Fair-trade" gives the companies credibility that they are themselves and are also helping customers to become, you guessed it, ethical superheroes. 

"Fair-trade" in particular is a certification that proves that the company is paying fair salaries to all the people in their supply-chain, especially those who are at ground zero, gathering the raw materials. Companies that do not

have this certification cannot prove where their products come from and you can't know if they are paying their employees properly or are abusing their poverty to selfishly gain.



Buying fair trade allows you to save the families of the people who are doing the hard labour work of gathering the raw materials, and especially prevents child labour. Just by choosing fair-trade certified products over regular products you can, without leaving the safety of your home, help people who live half way across the world.

For more detailed information about fair trade, click here.


Learning more about the different certifications will definitely give you more super-powers!

Other ethical certifications you might be interested in are:

-- Organic

-- Natural

-- Non-GMO

-- Cruelty-free

-- Rainforest Alliance

-- Vegan/Vegetarian

-- Sustainable Palm Oil

-- Gluten-free, Kosher, Halal

-- Cradle-to-Cradle (hopefully soon zero waste too)

....... missing any? Contact us now!

Well, see you tomorrow! And don't forget:

Think Cycles. Aim Big. Choose Empathetically. Act Boldly. Connect.

Rinse. Repeat.

Day 8

a) Today's Daily Challenge:

Fair Trade  Certificates.

b) Today's Zero Way Win:

I learned about  certifications

c) Grateful for my job!

d)   Ideas: make a list of certified products to replace

the old ones I  use more often

e) I  feel... amazing

knowing I can make a difference!

To Do List

◽︎ Make a list of all the products that might have certifications: e.g. coffee, cocoa, bananas etc.

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