The Zero Way Social Business

The Zero Way is a way of life, applicable to all areas of human activity.

It is an umbrella concept that refers to all sustainable, ethical and

practical ways of thinking and acting, that aim at zeroing global problems,

through ongoing implementation of small changes.


We are facing global problems that require urgent action!

The Zero Way is here to support the shift towards a more sustainable environment for the current and future global citizens, by providing real solutions and bringing long-term health and overall well-being. Change is important for the survival of our species and all life on Earth. Change is a process of continuous improvement and cooperation between sectors.


It is based on a number of concepts and practices that aim to create a better society globally and ensure the survival and well-being of our species, and protection of life on Earth, by gradually reducing to the point of elimination of our current social and environmental crises. 


It aims big, but acts small. Aims at global citizenship, through local community involvement.  


The Zero Way is based on the understanding that we are all connected and that everything we do has consequences that affects us all. So The Zero Way aims at making ethical consumerism a standard, by encouraging fair trade practices all across the supply chain as corporate responsibility and in the form of consumption and creation of demand for ethical products and services.


The Zero Way helps with the achievement of the SDGs and shifting to a global society where everybody has their human rights respected across the globe.


The Zero Way aims to:


  1. At the economic level: shift the global economy from the inefficient and ultimately dangerous linear economy, to a sustainable circular economy. 

  2. At nation level: shift the national focus from increasing GDP, to overall social well-being and environmental conservation.

  3. At business level: shift the business objectives from constant financial growth of profits for the stakeholders, to overall societal well-being and environmental conservation.

  4. At individual level: shift from trying to achieve fulfillment of needs through possession of physical objects, to achieving fulfillment through deep meaningful relationships and rich experiences such as art, sports, nature etc. (except in cases of survival, medical care, education or scientific advancements)


The Zero Way encourages individual responsibility, through practices such as:

  • Minimalism

  • Zero Waste

  • Ethical Consumerism (e.g. fair trade, ethical fashion, cruelty free etc.) etc.

  • Products that are ethical and sustainable, preferably plastic free, either long-lasting or compostable, designed for circularity, with a focus on the use of existing materials and waste.

And corporate responsibility, through business practices such as:

  • Kaizen

  • Zero Waste

  • Design for Circularity

  • Renewable Energy etc,


In terms of food, The Zero Way aims at zero food loss and elimination of world hunger. It encourages a whole food plant based diet based on mostly local seasonal food. In terms of agriculture it encourages permaculture, crop rotation and diversity, organic or natural chemical free farming and farm-to-table practices.


In order to reduce social problems, The Zero Way encourages: 

  • In terms of social justice: equality, diversity and inclusion in all areas, including gender, sexuality, physical and mental ability, and spiritual belief, within ethical boundaries.

  • In terms of social equity: A basic income model with free and accessible education, sanitation and medical care for all, regardless of background.

  • A sharing economy, in order to protect our resources.

  • Local consumption over mass retail, in order to close the rich-poor gap.

  • A focus on mental health care.


The steps towards a smooth shift are:

  1. Educate oneself on the above topics

  2. Understand the importance of urgent action

  3. Practice daily and consistently

  4. Connect with others 

  5. Create co-ops

  6. Enjoy! You’re on an amazing journey that will go down in human history.


The Zero Way concept was created by sustainability consultant Bianca Yamaguchi by blending together pre-existing concepts and practices in order to create a holistic approach to life and all its aspects.

The Zero Way social business’s goal is to raise awareness, promote and support the shift towards a zero way lifestyle, by providing information and practical tools for those who decide to abide by this lifestyle.


Aim Big, Act Small, Keep It Up and Don’t Give Up! 

Live. Let Live. Love. Laugh. Learn. Leave a Legacy.

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