Day 1 - Zero Way Journal

As the famous Chinese saying goes, "The road of 1000 miles begins with one step". And you have courageously made this step. Congratulations!


The fact that you're here proves how amazing you are for deciding to take the first big leap into becoming a #Zuperhero aka a Zero-way-superhero. You are the brave pioneer of our times! Your courageous acts will change history! Because as of now you are part of something much bigger than yourself! And that makes you legitimately special.


Now, hold that thought. Look around your house, find an old notebook, a diary you haven't written in yet, or just a piece of A4 paper you have lying around (you can punch it or rewrite it later if you wish).


Today I will talk about:

How to make a Zero Way Journal. That is, assuming you have already read about "The Zero Way".

    Tomorrow: How to prepare the first Zero Way Tool

    The day after tomorrow: How to acquire new habits (and stick to them) and so on.

Once you've started this journey, you can't stop. You won't be able to, you'll see. Because once you know about all the pain in the world, you won't be able to ignore it anymore.

Once you go Zero Way, you can't look away :)


Without further ado, let's jump right into it.

1) Keeping a journal is said to be very beneficial. The most brilliant minds of all time had one and it's high time you started one, too. It's going to be so much fun, you'll see. At the end of the day you'll want to write in it. Like your own little secret habit.

The benefits of keeping a journal are (amongst the many discovered by neuroscientists):

-- increased focus

-- reduced anxiety and depression

-- better organization of thoughts and emotions

-- sets the path for better habits 

                             ... and many more.

Here's a beautiful article about journaling, if you're curious to know more. But read it after you finish ok?

It has helped so many people until now, it's in my top 5 recommendations for becoming a better person.

Don't think too much about it for now, just do it and in a few days you'll decide whether it helped you and if you will continue it or not. 

Also, trust me, there's no better feeling than when you discover your old diaries and read them and realize how much you've grown, how lucky you've been. It will feel you with gratitude, nostalgia and something inexplicably warm :)


Now, in this daily journal you will write just 4 little things: 

a) The daily Zero Way Challenge;

b) The daily Zero Way Win;

c) Something you're grateful for;

d) Ideas you have had during the day;

e) An overall emotion.

Just like this:














Some people have even made an art from journaling. Here's a few beautiful one's I've picked up to give you an image on how you want it to look for you. Of course you are free to keep it as simple or as colorful as you want. Journaling can help you a lot in more ways than you think.










Now, you either go to sleep, or proceed to read the above article about journaling. Or maybe you want to research it yourself.

Lastly, every day I will leave this important quote at the end of the article. Making sure you read it out loud every time, gives you a sense of completion of a small goal. Also it will represent the staple of your Zero Way, so it's helpful to repeat it until you remember it.

Think Cycles. Feel Good. Choose Wise. Act Bold. Aim Big. Believe.

Rinse. Repeat.

What's on your To Do List today? Maybe you need to find a journal/notebook. Make sure you buy it from a thrift store and not buy a new one. Find a designated pen/pencil to use only for the journal. Not having one around can discourage you from writing. If you want a colorful journal, ask friends if they have any colored pencils they don't use anymore. Especially people with kids tend to have a ridiculous amount of them haha. It's also a good occasion to have a nice chit-chat with them and tell them all about this new "zero way thing" you found :) Sometimes, when you do it together with a friend, it becomes harder to give up, and it feels more exciting.

Make your own to do list...

Day 2

a) Today's Daily Challenge:

My Bag

b) Today's Zero Way Win:

I  made my own bag from old jeans and it looks awesomeeee

c)   Grateful for my jeans for  keeping me warm for 5 years.

d)   Ideas: make  more and

give    to friends  ;)

e) I  feel... so excited!

To Do List

◻︎Buy a journal  from a thrift shop.

◻︎ Ask friends if they have colored pencils they don't need 

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