Day 2 - Habit Creation

I am very proud of you! You took the first step and now you are ready to go to the next one? Wow, you are really excited to do this, aren't you?

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Now, look around your house, find an old notebook, a diary you haven't written in yet, or just a piece of A4 paper you have lying around (you can punch it and add it later if you wish).


Today I will talk about:

How to acquire new habits (and stick to them)


People have been studying habits for ages, trying to understand their mechanism. Everything from learning to ride a bike to quitting smoking, so there are a million things to say about habits. However, the one and most important thing that will help you on the journey to the Zero Way is this beautiful discovery made by Dr. Fogg, a psychologist specialized in habits:

If you want to acquire a good habit, you need to things:

-- a solid motivation (why do you want to acquire or change this habit so much??)


-- another habit.


                                                                                     You can listen more about habits on this audio blog

                                                                                     of Dr. Fogg hosted by the memory expert Jim Kwik,

                                                                                     where they summarize Dr. Fogg's most important

                                                                                     discoveries when it comes to habit formation:

Now that you have these 3 important  tools to help you start the journey to become a Zuperhero, I wish you the best of luck!

The most important thing you can do is not give up! Even if you forget your bag a gazillion times, it's ok, keep reminding yourself to take it next time. Keep improving your habit (kaizen - continuous improvement, don't forget, ok?). Keep twerking it up until it's infallible to you. Keep coming back to the Zero Way. Nobody's perfect. Just practice makes it perfect.

The same Jim Kwik above talks about the fact that "repetition + emotion = memory". And habits are a twisted form of memory. To successfully memorize a habit you need repetition and the feel-good factor.

As I leave you in the hopes that you'll be back tomorrow, don't forget to:

Think Cycles. Feel Good. Choose Wise. Act Bold. Aim Big. Believe.

Rinse. Repeat.

So, how does your journal look like today?































What's on your To Do List today?

Day 2

a) Today's Daily Challenge:


b) Today's Zero Way Win:

I  learned something new about habit creation;

c) Grateful for my sane mind;

d)   Ideas: Do 10 squats every time I go to the toilet :)

e) I  feel... smarter!

To Do List

◽︎ Make a list of healthy habits I

want to have and link each one to a previous habit .

To Do List

◽︎ Watch more of Jon Kwik's and Dr. Fogg's videos. They seem awesome.

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