50 things you can do today to protect this spaceship we call Planet Earth

Here’s 50 things you can do today to protect this spaceship we call Planet Earth:

  1. Change to renewable/clean energy like solar, wind, hydropower.

  2. Avoid eating animal products, especially beef and milk (Go plant-based)

  3. Insulate your house and use less A/C or central heating.

  4. Try to use walk, bicycle, carpool or public transportation rather than a personal car when possible.

  5. If you need a car, buy an electric, but make sure the charge unit is connected to a renewable source.

  6. Try to avoid flying or ships/cruises to significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

  7. Go zero waste by following the 5Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot.

  8. Use reusable products instead of single-waste.

  9. Avoid as much as possible any plastic products.

  10. Use compostable products instead of single-use plastic.

  11. Use less paper, more digital.

  12. Start a compost pile/bin/cardboard box.

  13. Buy fair trade and other ethical products, including ethical fashion.

  14. Buy clothes second hand, and wherever possible natural fibers.

  15. Learn about the circular economy.

  16. Practice the sharing economy.

  17. Remember that you vote with your purchases.

  18. Plant at least 10 trees during lifetime.

  19. Spend more time and money on people and experiences, than on buying new products.

  20. Practice empathy, love, inclusion, diversity.

  21. Use your voice to push demand for sustainable products.

  22. Focus on mental health as much as on physical health.

  23. Volunteer a few hours a month.

  24. Practice acceptance, compassion and gratitude.

  25. Spend more time in nature.

  26. Invest in sports, skills, art and hobbies. Like music.

  27. Have a global mind, every habit and action can influence someone living halfway across the world.

  28. Know your products, where do they come from, where do they end up.

  29. Practice minimalism.

  30. Continue learning all through adulthood.

  31. Prioritize people over stuff.

  32. Join a social business.

  33. Aim for overall well-being and health, rather than raising the GDP.

  34. As a company, aim for bringing value to the people and the planet before thinking about the bottom line. The stockholders are not the only shareholders.

  35. Adopt a kaizen (continuous improvement through small changes) mind.

  36. Buy local, seasonal, organic food.

  37. Avoid wasting food.

  38. Practice permaculture, crop rotation and crop diversity.

  39. If you have one, transform your lawn into a vegetable garden.

  40. Fill your house with plants, they clean the air, absorb CO2 and release Oxygen.

  41. 40. Buy digital books and audio products, instead of physical ones.

  42. Buy in bulk wherever possible.

  43. Make your own cleaning products and/or makeup.

  44. Use soap nuts instead of laundry detergent.

  45. Air dry your clothes (and hair) whenever possible.

  46. Use a microplastic net in your washing machine.

  47. Drink your veggies if it's hard to eat your veggies :)

  48. Support activists and people who actually care.

  49. Try to adopt one new sustainable/ethical habit every week. Do what you can when you can.

  50. Never judge others, everybody is on their own journey.

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