Live. Let Live. Love. Laugh. Learn. Leave a Legacy

In this world there are so many mysteries. So many things that we don’t know or understand. There are so many people with as many opinions on so many things, that it’s hard to make sense of all of them.

Who is right, who is wrong, who is correct, who is telling the truth, who can be trusted or believed etc.? Does a certain piece of information apply to me or not? Does it affect me or not? Does it apply or affect others around me? Etc.

The world is full of questions. And it’s also full of answers.

There are, however, a few things that are unquestionable. Things we call “common sense”. Information that we can universally agree on, regardless of the differences between us. With very few, minor exceptions, because nothing in this world is perfect.

I would like to discuss a few of these things here.

(1) The first unquestionable thing is:

Life and Death.

Humans are born. They exist in this world, they received the gift of life, regardless of whether they want it or not. And every human is born from another one and lives inside a society, amongst other humans, relying on each other and being relied on.

And all human beings eventually physically die. Their body decays and bodily functions stop working altogether as a unit we all recognize as a human being. Not talking about spirituality. Just pure physical death.

(2) Another unquestionable thing is:


Creationists, stop right there. I am not talking about the origin of man. I am talking about a constant growth and evolution of any human being on this planet from its own birth until death. Whether it’s fast or slow, it’s forward or backward (involution), the human body and mind continues to change constantly throughout life. The physical body does not stagnate or remain unchanged. It changes constantly.

(3) The next thing I want to discuss here is:

Pursuit of knowledge.

All human beings, from birth to death, are in a constant pursuit of knowledge. When we are babies we strive to learn more about the world around us. And even as adults, we keep trying to understand with every question we ask, every action we make, every time we get curious. Even as old people with decaying bodies and minds, we never lose our curiosity.

(4) The second to last thing on my list today is:

Imagination and creation.

The capacity to imagine and create something new, something that hasn’t been there before, or hasn’t been created before. The capacity to think outside the existent physical boundaries. The ability to imagine something that is not physically there. Like the ability to draw a picture of a dog with 2 wings and 6 legs. We are able to do this and there is nobody who can say they cannot create. Everything humanly made has begun with imagination and came to life through creation.

(5) Last but not least:


Whether it's just small every day joys, big exciting events, temporary pleasure, or just a feeling of overall contentment, happiness, whatever physical or philosophical form it may take, is one of the things every human being is trying to achieve, one way or another. There is not one human being that lives without this innate pursue inside themselves.

So, to conclude,

if you take these 5 things, whether you apply them to any individual, or you apply them to humanity as a whole, you can’t argue against them.

As such, you and me, as part of this big picture that is the human society, you also have these 5 goals. You don’t need to search any longer for the meaning of life. Because these 5 things right here are, undoubtedly, you and the rest of humanity’s 5 most important goals:

To Live and Die

To Evolve

To Pursue Knowledge

To Imagine and Create

To Enjoy

If I were to take these goals and put them in a short quote, it would look exactly like this:

Live. Let Live. Love. Laugh. Learn. Leave a Legacy.

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