You and I - we're the X-men

We are superheroes who possess a super-power that we are not even aware of. But once you realize the power that lies inside you, your life will change.

When I was a teenager, I used to read and watch the X-men and wished I had superpowers. I especially loved Storm for her ability to control the elements. Growing up I understood that it’s something impossible and I went on living a regular life.

Until one day I realized something that changed my life forever. I realized how I always had the greatest superpower of them all - the power of choice. What I choose to buy and how I choose to act every day can determine how the world goes round. I have always been Storm.

With this superpower I can save people without leaving my room. As a consumer, what I choose to buy will trigger a set of events that affects people halfway across the world. My purchasing habits can save a life or more. Or can bring destruction.

For example, just by buying fair-trade coffee instead of the regular coffee, I can give a family from Africa their daily bread. By using a towel instead of paper, I help orangutans prosper in their natural habitat. And by paying attention to the brands that are sustainable and concerned with climate change, I can have such big impact.

I AM Storm because every day I can control how much CO2 or methane gets released into the air because of my choices and actions, how clean the ocean will remain, how much land is protected or depleted.

And with great power comes great responsibility, right? Now that I know how strong I am through my choices, I also understand how powerful my voice is. For it is the things I say to the big corporations or the fellow consumers, that brings true change on Earth.

“With great power comes great responsibility”

Now that you, too, know you have three superpowers not one - your mind, choice and voice - how do you feel? How does it change you?

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