Zero Way Shop Badge

How it works:

The Zero Way Shop Badge is a symbolic badge, usually in the shape of both a virtual and a physical sticker with our logo, that any kind of shop receives when they accept to follow The Zero Way.


There are 5 levels. The first one is given (for free ofc) to the shops that I have visited or have heard about us and took the first step. Like, for example, they added stainless steel straws next to the plastic straws available on the counter.

The next 4 levels are based on the degree with which they practice The Zero Way.

The last level, of course, is the hardest and only shops who achieve exactly zero waste and 100% ethical business practices all across the entire supply chain and all the way to the last step, which is the customer's habits.

Every shop which achieves the last level of The Zero Way gets a prize of 1.000.000 Yen for their sustained efforts, true love for their customers and the planet as a whole.


We are very serious in recognizing and rewarding people who put a genuine effort, time and energy into becoming an amazing pioneer of the future!

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